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Place Avg $ Categories
Big Cheers---Business DirectoryGourmet FoodShopping
Shan Fu---BodegaBusiness DirectoryConvenience StoreShopping
Brooklyn Fare Kitchen & Market---Business DirectoryGourmet FoodShoppingSupermarket
Shop Smart$Business DirectoryShoppingSupermarket
Metro Acres Market---FoodGourmet FoodOrganic FoodShoppingSupermarket
Heng Li Grocery Store---99 Cent StoreBusiness DirectoryShopping
Regina's Grocery---ItalianRestaurantsSandwichesShopping
Trader Joe's Essex Crossing$$Business DirectoryGourmet FoodShoppingSupermarket
Don Juan Deli$FoodGourmet FoodShopping
Big Apple Food Market---CateringConvenience StoreFoodShopping
Delicious Deli---Shopping
Delancey Deli & Grocery$Shopping
Optimum Gourmet Deli$FoodGourmet FoodShopping
Greenstar Foods$AccessoriesGourmet FoodShoppingToiletries
Happiness Deli$Shopping
East Side Glatt$$Business DirectoryButcherFoodGourmet FoodKosherShopping
East Side Kosher Dairy---AmericanFoodGourmet FoodKosherPizzaRestaurantsSaladShopping
Stop 1 Gourmet Deli$DelicatessenFoodShopping
Shi Eurasia$$Gourmet FoodShopping
E & S Wholesome Foods$$Business DirectoryConvenience StoreGourmet FoodShopping
Whole Foods Market$$$Gourmet FoodShopping
SX Gourmet$FoodShopping
Stop 1$SandwichesShopping
Mi Pueblo Deli Grocery---FoodShopping
Aqua Best, Inc.$$Gourmet FoodShopping
Boubouki$Gourmet FoodGreekShopping
Eastern Supermarket---FoodShopping
Essex Farm Groceries ---Gourmet FoodShopping
Essex Street Market ---FoodGourmet FoodShopping
La Tiendita $Gourmet FoodRestaurantsShopping
Porto Rico Importing Co. $Gourmet FoodRestaurantsShopping
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