Bobby Weiss Real Estate Offering 1.9% Commission Rate to Sell Apartments

by Bobby Weiss
May 17, 2017


Bobby Weiss Real Estate is now offering the lowest commission rate in the state of New York.

Only 1.9% to sell your apartment. Our gift to you.

Why pay more? We can do a better job than any other broker and we do it for less – MUCH LESS.

If you sell a $1,000,000 apartment, our commission will be $19,000. Those other fancy schmancy brokers will clip you for $60,000. You can buy a brand new car for that $41,000 difference.

Call, text or email and let’s talk about selling your apartment, selling it at the highest possible price and selling it in the least amount of time!

(917) 509-9502     bo***@bw**.com

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