ART DOSE DAILY™: El Arte es Basura – “Art is Trash”, by Francisco de Pájaro

May 29, 2014

IMG_2333So I was out taking a stroll around the neighborhood tonight and came across a man painting some garbage boxes on Orchard Street. I stopped to talk to his photographer while I watched the artist paint. The artist, Francisco de Pájaro who hails from Spain if I’m not mistaken, is on a sort of world tour promoting his unique style of artwork. He wanders through the streets on his bicycle and when he finds an interesting garbage item to paint, he gets busy and creates his masterpiece.

His photographer (whos name I failed to get – email me will you!) told me that de Pájaro is only getting a couple of hundred dollars for his works now but I can see that number rising over time. The most interesting part about his artworks is that they often disappear soon after he finishes them because people take them. Well they are sitting on the street unprotected and ready to be carted away by the local garbage company so their shelf life is short either way. I wonder what the driver of the carting company thinks when he rolls up on one of these artworks. Does he think twice about taking it or leaving it? Hmmm. Most likely the trash masterpieces wind up as just that, trash.

Keep watching for more from Art Is Trash by Francisco de Pájaro and visit his website below for more information.

Francisco de Pajaro
Francisco de Pajaro

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