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Economy Candy

Economy Candy, open since 1937, is an old-fashioned, family-owned candy store that sells dried fruits, nuts and hundreds of kinds of chocolates and candies including all of the old-time candy favorites you had when you were a kid....


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Place Avg $ Categories
Brooklyn Fare Kitchen & Market---Business DirectoryGroceryShoppingSupermarket
Chocolate DIP---AmericanCrepesDessertsIce CreamRestaurantsShopping
RTV Exotics---FoodOrganic FoodShopping
Davidovich Bakery---BakeryBusiness DirectoryFoodShopping
Partybus Bakeshop---BakeryBusiness DirectoryCafeShopping
Fong On$Business DirectoryChineseShoppingTofu Shop
Metro Acres Market---FoodGroceryOrganic FoodShoppingSupermarket
Ling Kee Beef Jerky---Business DirectoryChineseShopping
Broome Street Bakery---BakeryBusiness DirectoryFoodSandwichesShopping
Diller$BurgersFast FoodKosherPicklesRestaurantsShopping
BonBon$Business DirectoryCandy StoreShopping
Tache Artisan Chocolate$$$BakeryCandy StoreDessertsRestaurantsShopping
Spaghetti Incident Pasta Shop---Business DirectoryShopping
Trader Joe's Essex Crossing$$GroceryShopping
Don Juan Deli$FoodGroceryShopping
Roni-Sue's Chocolates$$Candy StoreShopping
Optimum Gourmet Deli$FoodGroceryShopping
Greenstar Foods$AccessoriesGroceryShoppingToiletries
Supermoon Bakehouse$$BakeryBusiness DirectoryCoffee HouseRestaurantsShopping
Sun Ming Jan$Shopping
East Side Glatt$$Business DirectoryButcherFoodGroceryKosherShopping
Moishe's Kosher Bakery$BakeryBusiness DirectoryDessertsKosherKosherShopping
East Side Kosher Dairy---AmericanFoodGroceryKosherPizzaRestaurantsSaladShopping
Shi Eurasia$$GroceryShopping
Economy Candy$Business DirectoryCandy StoreShopping
E & S Wholesome Foods$$Business DirectoryConvenience StoreGroceryShopping
Whole Foods Market$$$GroceryShopping
Wing-On Trading Co., Inc.---Business DirectoryGlasswareShopping
The Pickle Guys$$Shopping
Aqua Best, Inc.$$GroceryShopping
Atlantis Seafood Wholesale Corp.---FoodSeafoodShopping
Essex Farm Groceries ---GroceryShopping
Essex Street Market ---FoodGroceryShopping
Formaggio Essex $$$FoodShopping
La Tiendita $GroceryRestaurantsShopping
Luis Meat Market $$FoodShopping
Porto Rico Importing Co. $GroceryRestaurantsShopping
Macaron Parlour$$$BakeryDessertsRestaurantsShopping
Pain D'Avignon $$BakeryRestaurants
Petee's Pie Company$BakeryDessertsRestaurantsShopping
Russ & Daughters $$Bagels & BialysDelicatessenRestaurantsSandwichesShopping
Yonah Schimmel$BakeryEastern EuropeanKosherRestaurantsShopping
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