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Place Avg $ Categories
Public Village---AsianRestaurants
Fat Choy---RestaurantsVegan
M Noodle Shop$Fast FoodNoodle ShopRestaurants
Three Times---Restaurants
Fong On$Business DirectoryGourmet FoodShoppingTofu Shop
Ling Kee Beef Jerky---Business DirectoryGourmet FoodShopping
King Dumplings---Fast FoodRestaurantsSmall Plates
Sun Ming Jan$Restaurants
Shu Jiao Fuzhouese Cuisine$Noodle ShopRestaurants
Deng Ji$$Restaurants
Tang Hotpot$$Noodle ShopRestaurants
Delight Wong Restaurant Corp.$Fast FoodRestaurants
May May$Fast FoodRestaurants
Wu's Wonton King$Restaurants
Wu's Cantonese Restaurant$$Restaurants
99 Favor Taste Restaurant$$Restaurants
Spicy Village$Restaurants
Kings Co Imperial$$Restaurants
Yunnan BBQ$$Restaurants
Fung Tu$$$Restaurants
Great Wall$Fast FoodRestaurants
Wing Hing Good$Fast FoodRestaurants
Yummy Lotus$Fast FoodRestaurants
Funny BBQ$$Restaurants
Yi Ding Hao Dumpling$Dumpling HouseRestaurants
Zing's Awesome Rice$$Asian FusionFast FoodRestaurants
East Dumpling$Dumpling HouseRestaurants
Big Hing Wong$Restaurants
China North Dumpling $Dumpling HouseRestaurants
Chinatown Restaurant $$Restaurants
Zhen Wei Fang$$Restaurants
Egg Custard King Cafe $BakeryCafeCoffee HouseDessertsRestaurants
Fried Dumpling $Noodle ShopRestaurants
Best Fuzhou Restaurant $$Fast FoodRestaurants
Full House Cafe $$Restaurants
Golden Forest $Fast FoodRestaurants
Grand Sichuan International$$Fast FoodRestaurants
Kang Kee $Fast FoodRestaurants
Mission Chinese Food - CLOSED$$Restaurants
Mei Zhong Wei $Fast FoodRestaurants
Minjiang Restaurant $Fast FoodRestaurants
Ming's Caffe $Fast FoodRestaurants
QQ Taste $Noodle ShopRestaurants
Sheng Wang $Noodle ShopRestaurants
Six Happy Kitchen $Fast FoodRestaurants
Vanessa's Dumpling House $Asian FusionDim SumDumpling HouseFast FoodRestaurants
Jia$$$Bars & ClubsRestaurants
Wa Lung Kitchen $Fast FoodRestaurants
Wing Hing $$Fast FoodRestaurants
Yogee Noodle $$Restaurants
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