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Tigre, the new cocktail lounge from Premiere Enterprises — the team behind the award-winning oyster and cocktail bar Maison Premiere — opens in the heart of the Lower East Side. Tigre melds the storied history of the...


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Place Avg $ Categories
Tigre$$$Business DirectoryCocktail LoungeRestaurants
Flyfish Club---Bottle ServiceBusiness DirectoryCocktail LoungeMembers OnlyRestaurants
Sushi Oku---Business DirectoryJapaneseRestaurantsSpeakeasy
Two Bridges Luncheonette$Bar FoodBeerhausBusiness DirectoryDessertsDimes SquareFast FoodLoungeRestaurantsWine Bar
Salon Sucré---BakeryBusiness DirectoryDessertsRestaurantsWine Bar
Victoria - COMING SOON---Bar FoodBusiness DirectoryLoungeTavern
Mary's - COMING SOON---Business DirectoryLounge
Jazz Cafe - COMING SOON SPRING 2024---Business DirectoryJazz & BluesLive MusicLounge
Chinato$$$AmericanAsianBusiness DirectoryCocktail LoungeSmall PlatesTapas
Bar Valentina---Business DirectoryCocktail LoungeRestaurantsWine Bar
The Gotham Burger Social Club---AmericanBurgersBusiness DirectoryRestaurants
Outer Heaven---Bottle ServiceCocktail Lounge
Lullaby---Business DirectoryCocktail Lounge
Clandestino---Dimes Square
Virgo---Bottle ServiceCocktail LoungeLounge
No One Home - COMING SOON---AmericanRestaurantsSports BarTavernWine Bar
Two Snakes - COMING SOON---Bar FoodBowling AlleyBusiness Directory
Parcelle---AmericanBottle ServiceBusiness DirectoryDimes SquareRestaurantsWine Bar
Le Dive---Business DirectoryDimes SquareFrenchRestaurantsWine Bar
Bar Veloce---Business DirectoryItalianRestaurantsWine Bar
One19 Wine Bar + Food$$Wine Bar
Lucky Lindon - COMING SOON---Bar Food
Kind Regards$
The Box---Lounge
La Bas---Cocktail Lounge
Pretty Rick's---BeerhausLounge
Ray's---BeerhausBusiness DirectoryCocktail LoungeDive Bar
Skin Contact$$Small PlatesTapasWine Bar
Last Light - CLOSED$$Cocktail LoungeRooftop Bar
Tsismis$BurgersFast FoodFilipinoRestaurantsWine Bar
Black and White$AmericanBar FoodBusiness DirectoryCasualCoffee HouseJuice BarRestaurantsSandwiches
The Dancer$$$Bar FoodCocktail LoungeDive Bar
Una Pizza Napoletana$$ItalianPizzaRestaurantsWine Bar
The Back Room$$Business Directory
S'Zen Mixology Lounge---Cocktail Lounge
Upstairs On Rivington$$$Bottle ServiceCocktail LoungeLounge
Forgtmenot$$AmericanBar FoodRestaurants
Tzarevna---RestaurantsRussianSmall PlatesTapasWine Bar
Little Canal---AmericanBusiness DirectoryCafeCoffee HouseRestaurantsSandwiches
Garfunkel's$$Cocktail Lounge
Gamer's Paradise---GamingLoungeShopping
The Slipper Room$BurlesqueLive Music
Bar Alaska$$Cocktail LoungeLoungePub
Up Stairs Bar$$Dive BarKaraoke
Balvanera$$$ArgentinianBusiness DirectoryRestaurantsSteakhouseWine Bar
Late Late---
Copper & Oak---Whiskey Bar
Bonnie Vee$$Cocktail Lounge
Black Crescent$$Business DirectorySeafoodTapas
Bonsai Kakigōri - CLOSED$$CafeJapaneseMatchaRestaurantsSake
Red Heels$$Bottle ServiceLoungeSports Bar
Et Al$$$Bar FoodTapas
Sel Rrose$$Raw BarRestaurantsSeafood
Clockwork Bar$Dive Bar
Double Chicken Please$$
Attaboy$$$Business Directory
Bowery Lane$$$$Bottle ServiceLounge
Dudleys$$AmericanBar FoodCafeRestaurants
Excuse My French---Cocktail LoungeFrenchRestaurantsTapasWine Bar
Ludlow House$$$$Bottle ServiceLoungeMembers Only
Antler Beer & Wine Dispensary$$BeerhausWine Bar
Mini Rex Karaoke$$Bar FoodKaraoke
Hair of the Dog$$Bar FoodSports Bar
bOb Bar$Lounge
Rumpus Room---Business DirectoryDance ClubDJLounge
Grey Lady$$AmericanRaw BarRestaurantsSeafood
Two-Bit's Retro Arcade---Business Directory
Fig. 19$$Lounge
Rockwood Music Hall$$Comedy ClubLive Music
Benson's -- CLOSED$$AmericanBurgersRestaurantsWine Bar
Las' Lap$$CaribbeanCocktail LoungeRestaurants
Marshall Stack$$Bar Food
Thief$$$Bar FoodRestaurantsTapas
One Mile House$$Bar Food
Mazaar Lounge$$Business DirectoryCocktail LoungeLounge
The Whiskey Ward$$
Old Man Hustle$$Tavern
Mehanata Bulgarian Bar$$Bar FoodBulgarianDance ClubHookah BarLoungeRestaurants
Local 138$Dive BarLounge
Iggy's Keltic Lounge$$Dive Bar
Nurse Bettie$$Lounge
Cafe Skye$$Bar FoodBusiness DirectoryCafeRestaurants
Parkside Lounge$Live Music
Mercury Lounge$$Live Music
Shebeen Chic$$Irish
Arlene's Grocery$$KaraokeLive Music
Rochelle's---LoungeWhiskey Bar
The Elsinore$$$Bottle ServiceDance ClubLounge
Orchard Room$$
Donnybrook$$AmericanBar FoodRestaurants
82 Stanton Bar$$Bar FoodSports Bar
Emma Peel Room$
Cafe Cherie - COMING SOON$$$Restaurants
Lucky Jack’s $$
Pianos$$AmericanBar FoodBottle ServiceLive MusicRestaurants
The Skinny $Lounge
Sons of Essex$$$AmericanRestaurants
Welcome To The Johnsons$Dive BarJukeboxLounge
The Magician$
Café Medi$$$MediterraneanRestaurants
Hotel Chantelle$$$Bottle ServiceCocktail LoungeFrenchLoungeRestaurantsRooftop Bar
The Ten Bells$$$RestaurantsTapasWine Bar
Barrio Chino$$AgavesAntojitosMexicanRestaurantsTequila Bar
Casa Mezcal$$LoungeMexicanRestaurants
Chloe 81$$$Lounge
Jadis$$FrenchRestaurantsWine Bar
Beauty & Essex$$$$AmericanLoungeRestaurantsSmall PlatesTapas
Loreley Restaurant & Biergarten$$$BeergardenBiergartenBusiness DirectoryGermanRestaurants
Reception Bar$$Cocktail LoungeKoreanRestaurants
Peri Wine Bar $$Middle EasternRestaurantsWine Bar
Verlaine $$AsianBar FoodRestaurantsTapas
Fools Gold$$BeerhausGastropubLounge
La Caverna $$RestaurantsSmall PlatesTapas
The DL$$$AmericanLoungeRestaurantsSmall PlatesTapas
Bar Goto$$Cocktail LoungeJapaneseRestaurants
Karaoke BOHO$$Karaoke
TUTS$$$Hookah BarRestaurantsVegetarian

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