Comprised of screen printed tees, American made denim and custom leather jackets, all meticulously constructed by expert craftsmen in NYC, The Cast is a celebration of everything that was and is rock ‘n’ roll rebellion. A fixture on the Lower East Side since 2004, The Cast is a lifestyle brand best known for its premium quality leather jackets. Creative Directors Chuck Guarino and Elisa Maldonado, specialize in reimagining these longtime scene staples to meet the needs and wants of their diverse clientele; the likes of which include B Akerlund, Boyd Holbrook, Scarlett Johansson, Jesse Malin, Madonna and a cult following of bikers, punks and rock ‘n’ rollers.

The Cast utilizes their intimate knowledge of New York City’s Blank Generation and keen eye for grit, grunge and glamour, to give classic American style symbols of rebellion a modern twist. The brand prides itself on staying true to the marriage of decadence and decay that was coined in the ’70s by American rock ‘n’ roll legends. The final results are one-of-a-kind pieces that are unapologetically authentic and made entirely in NYC.

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