86 Allen Street
New York, NY 10002

(212) 228-7732
Dirt Candy

New York City has hundreds of steak restaurants, seafood restaurants, barbecue restaurants, and tapas restaurants, but Dirt Candy is the city’s only vegetable restaurant. We serve nothing but vegetables, and our goal is to make them taste better than anything you’ve ever had before. Our kitchen is essentially a laboratory for our award-winning chef, Amanda Cohen, and everyday she pushes vegetables further than anyone else in the world. Our menu changes regularly because we’re on a journey to the furthest reaches of vegetables and we want to take you with us. We don’t take tips because we believe our staff are professionals who should receive a living wage and we serve two tasting menus in our dining room because that gives us the freedom to present the results of our explorations into the wild world of vegetables in the best way possible. (We serve an a la carte menu at our bar.) At Dirt Candy, dinner is an experience of the raw and the cooked, the bold and the beautiful, full of roaring fire, tableside grilling, strange broths, and dishes that are both deceptively simple and staggeringly complex. Dirt Candy doesn’t care about your politics. We aren’t saying “no” to meat, but saying “yes” to vegetables. We don’t care about your health. Our food won’t make your skin glow, it won’t make you live longer, it won’t super-charge your free radicals with antioxidants. We simply want to make vegetables as delicious as possible. If there’s an underlying philosophy to what we do, it’s that we want people to crave vegetables the way they crave fried chicken and pizza. So everyday our chefs roll up their sleeves and try to do something with vegetables no one’s ever done before. We’re on a journey into the unknown. Come with us. We promise that you’ll taste things you’ve never tasted before. You may love some of it, you may hate some of it, but we promise: it’ll be unlike anything you’ve ever tried before.

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