Wah Fung No.1 Still Closed With Gas Problems

by Bobby Weiss
August 18, 2023

Wah Fung No.1. You know them. You miss them. This is the kind of fast food you love, and at a great low price. This is one of those places with the ducks and chickens hanging in the window. At this family-run operation, for about $5 you can get a small portion of chicken, pork(the red kind) or pig(the lighter color kind of pork) over rice, or lo mein noodles, and about $8 for a large size. This has to be the top place of it’s kind in Manhattan. The line often reaches 40 people deep during the busy hours. What makes their food so special and tasty? It’s their unique combination of two very special sauces and the way they marinate their meat.

But have no fear my friends. The sign posted on the front gate has changed from “closed for gas leak” to “we are currently fixing the gas” which means that they will reopen soon. Stay tuned. https://lowereastside.com/restaurants/wah-fung-no-1-fast-food-inc/

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