Trader Joe’s Shoplifter Busted On Grand and Suffolk Streets

by Bobby Weiss
October 15, 2022

The scourge of shoplifting at Trader Joe’s continues, even with the stepped up security presence which includes about 5 security agents on-site at all times. But even that will not deter the desperate and needy from giving it a go at a free lunch. In this case the perp tried making off with a 6-pack of beer and when confronted by security he made a run for it. The police from the 7th Precinct were already on route and busted the perp out on the street after a foot-chase ensued, culminating in him being taken away in handcuffs. This all occurred around 8:45pm Friday night causing a bit of a stir at Saluggi’s and Grand Street Pizza whose patrons had front row seating for the event.

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