Tired Thrift is a collection of vintage clothing and accessories curated by two NYC natives. We founded Tired Thrift in response to the overwhelming monotony of fast fashion retailers. Not only is fast fashion toxic for the environment, but it crushes creativity and limits self expression with redundant clothing styles. We are hypersensitive to today’s trends, studying social media for celebrity fashion accounts, style blogs and creative magazines. In our search for inspiration, we noticed an overlap– that today’s trends are recycling fashion from the past. With Tired Thrift, we source authentic pieces from the decades that trends are getting inspiration from.

Because we understand the difficulty of shopping secondhand, Tired Thrift makes sustainable shopping easy for vintage lovers, fashion savvy youngsters, and environmentalists alike. Currently, our vintage pieces originate from the 90’s and 00’s, reflecting the various genres of fashion that occurred during those decades and are emerging again today. Our goal with Tired Thrift is to promote individuality, creativity, and sustainability. We hope you all enjoy.

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