Doreen Winkler is sommelier and the founder of Orange Glou, a unique wine subscription service in New York devoted solely to skin contact wines. Although Doreen’s focus is on natural, organic and biodynamic wines that offer the purest expression of the grape and terroir, her deepest passion is for orange wine. Doreen developed wine programs for over a decade as a sommelier and consultant for restaurants, bars, and wine retailers, including Aska, Aldea, Bar Glory, Lupulo, Sel Rrose, Trappizino, Moby’s and Urban Uncorked, among others.

Over the years, she has developed relationships with winemakers and worked many harvests including at Lucy Margaux, Adelaide Hills, Australia, Domaine du Comte Liger Belair, Burgundy, France, Yetti and the Kokonut, Barossa Valley, Australia, Folias de Baco, Douro, Portugal, Partida Creus, Catalonia, Spain and many more. In addition, she travels to wine regions all over the world and
to natural wine fairs such as La Dive Bouteille, Les Pénitentes, La Salon des Vins de Loire in Loire Valley, France, Brunmaire in San Francisco, RAW wine in New York. She is on top of all trends, new wine making techniques and new producers arriving in the US. Winkler was named by Forbes magazine as one of “America’s Top Sommeliers” in 2016. Now, through Orange Glou, she is delivering a highly curated, personal selection of the most interesting and distinct orange wines in the world.

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