Shake Shack Finally Opens on Norfolk Street

by Bobby Weiss
September 10, 2023

When Bill “William” Gottlieb bought the building at the corner of Norfolk and Rivington Streets decades ago, little did he know he’d (his nephew Neil Bender would) become landlord to one of the greatest brands in the fast food industry. None other than prolific restaurateur Danny Meyer’s Shake Shack. Shake Shack started as just a hotdog stand in Madison Park and has since grown into the mega-food empire that it is today.

It’s been a long wait but now the wait is over and the doors are open, the shakes are ready and the burgers are flipping and cooking. Although this location is off the beaten path of most foot traffic, it’s been pretty steadily busy since the opening date less than 2 weeks ago. It will be interesting to see how the Shack will fare against some fierce competitors who already have roots in the neighborhood. I’m talking about Smashed and 7th Street Burger. And then there’s the newcomer that is yet to open, Gotham Burger.

Stay tuned and get your ketchup and fries ready. The Burger Wars are on and the former Schiller’s Liquor Bar is ground zero. See below.

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