Fight Night On Norfolk Street

by Bobby Weiss
February 26, 2017










Last night on Rivington Street a MAJOR brawl broke out between two competing groups of about 5 people each. Belts were drawn and wrapped around hands. Bottles were broken at the bottom and used as weapons. Shirts came off. Blood was gushing everywhere. Not to make it sound like fighting is good, but if it were, this was one of the best street brawls I have ever seen! At one point there were four individual fights going on simultaneously and in very close proximity to each other. I’m certain I heard one guy scream “I broke my hand.”

In these grainy still shots taken from a movie on a cell phone, one of the main culprits is seen with shirt off and ready to engage in the next battle. One group were a bunch of Caucasians, apparently from New Jersey who had their party bus parked nearby, and the other group were some local Hispanics. Story is the Caucasians made racially motivated comments about the Hispanic’s immigration status and told them to go home to their own country. Everyone involved was in the age range of about 25-35.

The fight shifted from its original starting location at the intersection of Suffolk and Rivington Streets to where the fight broke up on Norfolk Street about 100 feet north of Rivington. Police from the 7th Precinct arrived about 15 minutes into the fighting to end the melee. As the police arrived on the scene several suspects ran south on Norfolk Street and then west on Rivington Street and the NYPD gave chase on foot. Several arrests were made and a few suspects are still sought by the NYPD. An ambulance was present at the scene and EMS workers treated several people for facial bleeding and other assorted injuries.


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