ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Carlos La Pops the Question. ‘AngiLa’ Says YES!

August 23, 2015

Carlos and AngieIt was a glorious day in New York City. They traveled all the way from South Africa to be here. August 22, 2015. Carlos and Angie were slowly cruising about in a row boat in Central Park’s “The Lake” enjoying the day and the amazing 360 degree views of Manhattan. The temperature was about 85 degrees (29.) The humidity was low, a light wind gently blowing and barely a cloud in the sky. The birds were singing. The bees were buzzing. And Carlos La’s heart was racing. No not because he was rowing a boat. But because he was about to ask the most important question of his life to the most important person in his life.

And then it happened and she said yes!

Congratulations to Carlos La and Angie Heyman. Wishing you both a long, happy and healthy life and marriage.

With love, Bobby Weiss.

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