End of the “BIG DIG” on Houston Street Draws Near

by Bobby Weiss
May 24, 2017

3 5The Big Dig on Houston Street is nearing completion. It’s been a long 10+ years that Houston Street has had to endure continuous groundwork much to the chagrin of motorists who bear the brunt of the pain due to traffic crawling along Houston Street and Second Avenue. Aside from getting a lot of new piping and wiring for badly needed upgrades, several new pedestrian areas were built or extended to make crossing this dangerous thoroughfare much safer. Wider medians and better crossing lights with visible timer make traversing the streets a whole lot safer. You no longer need to run to make it all the way across.

In speaking with some of the construction foreman on several sites they tell us that by the end of June groundwork will be completed up to the Bowery and by the end of September, the most complicated portion of the job, the entire intersection of Bowery and Houston, will be fully completed.

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