This website was created by Lower East Siders who were born and raised here. We didn’t move here two, five or ten years ago and claim to be Lower East Siders. We’ve lived here for many decades and are deeply embedded through multiple generations. Our parents lived here. Our grandparents lived here. Our great grandparents lived here. We go way back. We’ve seen this neighborhood morph from the rough-and-tumble days when gangs roamed our streets, when drugs, prostitution and crime were rampant, when barely a bar or restaurant existed, to the now thriving mega-cultural center that it is today. Currently there are more than 115 art galleries, 385 bars and restaurants and well over 1,200 businesses combined, located in ground floor retail locations of the Lower East Side, with many more in above-ground commercial spaces. Many of these businesses are owned and operated by residents who live here.

It is our goal at LowerEastSide.com to provide you with as much useful information, timely and accurate news reporting and as many general interest stories as possible. And we want you to come back often, not only to read our posts but to share and contribute your own information, opinions, comments, reviews and suggestions. We’d like to hear what you have to say and we welcome anything that would be of interest to our readers and subscribers, as well as anything that could potentially make the Lower East Side a better place to live, work, eat, shop and play. We’d also like to hear your news tips and leads which can be submitted by clicking the words “Submit Tips” near the top of the page. The Lower East Side is a pretty big place and we can’t be everywhere at once, so we welcome the extra sets of eyes and ears on the street.

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