What’s the Scam? “MISSING: $20,000 Reward for Lost CD’s”

January 16, 2016

Missing CD'sSo I’m walking down Grand Street and I see this flier posted on a utility box at the corner of Clinton Street near Citibank. So I decided to call the number. Turns out it’s a radio station in Nevada City, CA. I spoke with the music director there, Sean Dooley, and he confirms he knows nothing at all about this. And an Internet search turns up this http://ajournalofmusicalthings.com/pay-20000-three-albums/ . The phone number in that flier is to a music store called Amoeba Music in California once again. Spoke to a manager there named Rick. He too knows nothing about this.

So WTF is really going on here? You can actually listen to the songs online. But why would anyone post this flier here, and probably all over the Lower East Side, to get people to notice this? It can’t just be that the Lower East Side has become the cultural mecca on the entire country could it?

Let’s get to the bottom of this!

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